Radar App

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful stranger on the subway? Have you ever wished you could identify people at a glance? Radar is a simple tool that allows users to share their social media handles based on proximity adding a whole new dimension to our online identities.


Inspired by the app's name, Radar's logo and branding pays homage to a classic radar interface, but the interface has been simplified to its core shapes reflecting the values of simplicity and minimalism that permeate the experience of the app. Part for part, the rings of the logo work to convey a sense of distance and proximity while their varying weights add depth and rhythm to the stamp. The blips adorning the rings are representative of those connected by the app.

The App

Simplicity and usability were paramount in the development of Radar's UI. That in mind, the app is made up of approximately 6 screens in total in order to adhere to the incredibly precise narrative the app wishes to convey. Upon opening the tool, the user is immediately presented with the app's purpose: A list of other user's in the area appears along with their added social media links. The exceedingly minimal navigation elements near the top of the page feature two glyphs: account, and settings. Account allows the user to customize their public profile while settings allows them to log-out and change distance settings.

Radar is Awaiting Development